The Game kicks off Saturday

For the 127th time in history, the best University in the world, Yale, will meet up with the mental midgets in Cambridge for the annual tossing of the pigskin. We’ll drink their milkshake. And by “drink their” I mean “beat them” and by “milkshake,” I mean “in football.”


Hell is a cantab anyway?!

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8 Responses to The Game kicks off Saturday

  1. Dawn Summers says:

    That is a pretty banner.

  2. Dawn Summers says:

    Yale has such a lovely school color.

  3. Dawn Summers says:

    I am also quite partial to its motto.

  4. Dawn Summers says:

    Anyone can just have light or just have truth…but BOTH?! Now, that’s rare.

  5. Ken Wheaton says:

    There you go again, speaking for “the people.”

  6. Ugarles says:

    All the regular people with diabetes.

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