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Back to School

I met up with Alexandra Robbins for a talk she was giving at the High School of the Future High School. I’m pretty sure that’s the name, even though, as I sat in the auditorium in wooden recoiling chairs, I … Continue reading

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The American President

“Real Gs move in silence, like Obama” – Bassey Ikpi There was a guy I was friends with in law school. I don’t remember when I met him, but I do know that every few months for some years, he … Continue reading

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Geeks shall inherit the earth

My friend Alex has a new book out today by that very title, go buy it on amazon! Dooo ittt. I’ll wait. *taps foot* Done? Ooh, how about you buy one for your mom too! Don’t worry, I won’t start … Continue reading

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May movie mayhem

Hello there good movie viewers of movielandia! No? Movetopia? Fine. FINE! It’s May! Wooo…almost my birthday. Is everyone excited? I thought you would be. You have two months and one week to come up with the perfect way of honoring … Continue reading

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