Stephane Clare is an attorney, poker player, blogger, Scrabble enthusiast and rabid fan of the Patriots and the Mets. She lives in Brooklyn with her three television sets.

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    • Open says:

      Funny, Ioz had a Herbert quote he tore apart today as well. Loved his parting line: It never fails to amaze, this inteaertve capacity to be astonished by the most essential characteristics of a thing.Personally, I’m really trying to get people to see that there is no divide between corporate America and the American state. We don’t look at the military or the police and think that the enforcement apparatus is detached from the state. We don’t look at congress and think the legislative apparatus is detached from the state. Why would we look at state-chartered business and think so? I assume because we’ve been told to.

  2. Jamison says:

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