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The American President

“Real Gs move in silence, like Obama” – Bassey Ikpi There was a guy I was friends with in law school. I don’t remember when I met him, but I do know that every few months for some years, he … Continue reading

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Geeks shall inherit the earth

My friend Alex has a new book out today by that very title, go buy it on amazon! Dooo ittt. I’ll wait. *taps foot* Done? Ooh, how about you buy one for your mom too! Don’t worry, I won’t start … Continue reading

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May movie mayhem

Hello there good movie viewers of movielandia! No? Movetopia? Fine. FINE! It’s May! Wooo…almost my birthday. Is everyone excited? I thought you would be. You have two months and one week to come up with the perfect way of honoring … Continue reading

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Free stuff!

Alexandra Robbins is offering a pretty sweet deal: What you get: A free signed book of mine -any of my books, until my copies run out. How to get it: 1) On or before this Thursday April 28, become a … Continue reading

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Four Aside

New York is not really a hockey town. The Rangers never make the back page and they don’t really get more than a passing mention on the nightly sportscasts. Maybe it’s because the New York Rangers aren’t very good. The … Continue reading

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Some stuff I did with my free time

I’m so sorry, you guys, I won’t be able to do any movie reviews for April. I’ve been too busy working and socializing with people in…society? Ha! I got you! April Fool’s! I totally got you! Admit it! Admit it! … Continue reading

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For we walk by faith, not by sight

Lent seems like just the time to stop overreaching, or underreaching or reaching at all. And hopefully, we’ll come out safe on the other side. –Clareified, February 2010 I’ve been struggling with the upcoming Lenten season for a few weeks. … Continue reading

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I’d like to see Rodgers pull this off

Yesterday, I wore my first piece of Patriots clothing, without ripping it off in anger and tears. It’s been months. Let the healing begin. His wife’s still a dirty whore though. *whistles*

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Hockey, football and alien assasins

It seems hard to believe that, just a month ago, I was sleeping fourteen hours a day in my childhood bedroom, craving Simply Raspberry lemonade and my DVR. (Oh, and can I rant about how Cablevision can’t figure out how … Continue reading

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The more things change

I was an expert mimic when I was a kid. This talent often led to awkward moments when I would deliver, verbatim, whole sections of Eddie Murphy’s “Raw,” because I watched whatever my mother watched, adult content ratings be damned. … Continue reading

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