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America, the beautiful

I can’t imagine what else happened on this trip to make me forget committing petty larceny in Deadwood! Mary and I are walking around, Mary was trying to finish the “big as her head” ice cream cone while we went … Continue reading

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Fought the law and the law won

Here’s us in our upgrade! Well, we’re not actually *in* the car, but it’s not actually an *upgrade* either, so here we are. There were essentially two ginormous legs of the trip and a bunch of mini legs. This was … Continue reading

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When I was in high school, I saw a hilarious cartoon. It was a map of the United States ostensibly drawn by a New York teenager. Basically, it was a giant map of Manhattan, with all the various neighborhoods marked … Continue reading

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My September 11th story

I started writing something about the day, but when I looked through my archives to see what I wrote about it in the past, the piece I wrote on the fifth anniversary pretty much still perfectly sums up my thoughts. … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name?

Few will readily admit their own lives to be anything other than a series of happy fated circumstances. Spouses are soul mates. Careers are destiny. Our very body is an instrument of God himself and each step begins a life … Continue reading

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My name is…


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