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The middle of the road is for yellow lines

“…ain’t no such things as halfway crooks” – Mobb Deep I’ve long lived in a world of extremes. The only kid of an absentee father, who couldn’t spell my name correctly if you spotted him seven letters, and an uber … Continue reading

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In the wind

My friend Avery Man has been missing since Friday, I have been worrying about him nonstop since Tuesday. But instead of getting lost in my crazy head, I figured I’d write about him. I like this picture: Get it? Avery … Continue reading

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A 1000 words

Not that I’ve been looking through my albums for the photos I’d want used on my missing poster or anything, but can I tell you, I have the absolute worst yearbook photos imaginable. I don’t even know what I was … Continue reading

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A most excellent project

I review the current TV lineup

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Blood is thicker than a vanilla milkshake…mmm…milkshake

My family has inserted itself in my life so much in the last few weeks. It’s been weird and off putting. This, mind you, coming from someone who talks to her mother at least three times a day. Have you … Continue reading

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Not so random thought

For a long time I’ve had this great idea for a TV show. So you know how crime shows like Monk or Murder She Wrote or Castle, so I’m not totally dating myself, has like this out of the box … Continue reading

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Death becomes her

A few weeks ago, Gerard posted a link on his facebook wall. It was a post written by a mother whose 18-year-old drug addict son had died after essentially being beaten to death. In the post, which I will link to only … Continue reading

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