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An open letter to New York Catholics who are freaking the eff out

I want to tell you to calm down. However, as a chronic hypochondriac who is easily startled by small animals and loud noises, I know that “calm down,” is the last thing you should say to someone who is freaking … Continue reading

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For we walk by faith, not by sight

Lent seems like just the time to stop overreaching, or underreaching or reaching at all. And hopefully, we’ll come out safe on the other side. –Clareified, February 2010 I’ve been struggling with the upcoming Lenten season for a few weeks. … Continue reading

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Hockey, football and alien assasins

It seems hard to believe that, just a month ago, I was sleeping fourteen hours a day in my childhood bedroom, craving Simply Raspberry lemonade and my DVR. (Oh, and can I rant about how Cablevision can’t figure out how … Continue reading

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The big baby conspiracy

“Have you ever changed a diaper?” “Nope,” I answered sipping my water. “Me either,” Pi replied with a creeping tone of panic. I guess when you’re pregnant that’s the stuff you start to think about. We were at brunch to … Continue reading

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Person up, America

When I was seven, I took my first flight to Panama alone. My mother, god bless her, sent me to my grandparents with two suitcases of clothes, every piece of identification I had in the world and a jar of … Continue reading

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The blogger and the engineer

I can’t tell you how awesome Kaz is, oh wait, I can! Kaz is totally awesome! I’m apparently at the stage of grief where I invite myself over to people’s apartments and make them cook for me. It’s like one … Continue reading

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VinNay visits shut-in island

Okay, let me ask you a question. You have an airport organized by a system of color coded squares. You use the primary colors, Roy G. Biv. The B in Biv stands for blue. Now, one of the airlines which … Continue reading

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Gonna slumber party like it’s 1999

I love it when a plan comes together. It’s not just one of the best lines from one of my favorite television shows as a kid, but a truism. So when tickets for a football game between my favorite AFC … Continue reading

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Like sands through the hour glass

I don’t exactly know what the word vomitious means or, heck, if it is word at all. It could just be something I made up over the years to describe the poker play at low limit tables in Atlantic City. … Continue reading

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Avery Man 1975-2010, Rest in Peace

I planned to have my first ever sleepover party this weekend (because I was a wildly unpopular child and Angela and Pdov were kind enough to indulge my insanity) and attend the New England Patriots game. As we were planning … Continue reading

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