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Buffalo’s happenin’ now…hey-ey-ey!

So you know what’s totally awesome after a nine day roadtrip through the Mid/Southwest with someone? A roadtrip to Western New York a week later! I don’t quite remember how it all came about, but Kearns, Alceste, Mary and I … Continue reading

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Homeward bound

The next morning we were up super early because we had to take public transportation AND we already had our arch tickets, so we couldn’t miss our target time. We yelped for breakfast suggestions, but ended up eating at the … Continue reading

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Meet me in St. Louis

First off, it’s pronounced Saint Lou-iss. I don’t care what anyone else says. Second, thank God, I knew someone in the city before we booked our hotel. Without Chilly’s advice that we stay in Central West End, I have no … Continue reading

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Kansas city here I come…came…

Grange reminded me of an awesome moment at the living farm. While the old dude was wooing Mary and showing her all the charm of farm life, we came upon this fence enclosure. Answering the unasked question, he said, “We … Continue reading

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RIP Senora Isil

I have to take a break from my road trip blogging. My aunt was murdered last night in Panama. She had a big fancy house in the suburbs, but she was usually in Miami with my cousin and her granddaughter. … Continue reading

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The threadly hand of death

I’ve never been a very girly girl. I don’t do heels or makeup and as a general principle, I don’t shave anything. Ever. It’s one of the upsides about being a girl, I never have to take a sharp blade … Continue reading

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