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Person up, America

When I was seven, I took my first flight to Panama alone. My mother, god bless her, sent me to my grandparents with two suitcases of clothes, every piece of identification I had in the world and a jar of … Continue reading

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Blood is thicker than a vanilla milkshake…mmm…milkshake

My family has inserted itself in my life so much in the last few weeks. It’s been weird and off putting. This, mind you, coming from someone who talks to her mother at least three times a day. Have you … Continue reading

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I only married her because I thought she would die soon!

Newlywed man seeks to divorce duplicitous wife. Best part: The groom admits he “slapped the fire” out of Vega during a fight when they split – and that he chomped on her elbow during an earlier blowup in Yonkers.

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