Not so random thought

For a long time I’ve had this great idea for a TV show. So you know how crime shows like Monk or Murder She Wrote or Castle, so I’m not totally dating myself, has like this out of the box thinker who jumps in and helps the cops put people away? How pissed off are these criminals that of all the crimes in all the world, this out of the box thinker had to land on their case?!

So, my TV Show would be set in the prison where these folks get locked up and it would be about them plotting revenge. And being angry!

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3 Responses to Not so random thought

  1. Pearatty says:

    Is that a whole show, or just one episode of Castle, really?

  2. chsw says:

    Like a company of evil MacGyvers.


  3. Stephane says:

    Yes! Some of those criminals were genius! Like the astronaut who killed his mistress when he was in SPACE! COME ON! I WANNA SEE HIM AGAIN.

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