A 1000 words

Not that I’ve been looking through my albums for the photos I’d want used on my missing poster or anything, but can I tell you, I have the absolute worst yearbook photos imaginable.

I don’t even know what I was thinking, it’s not like the yearbook photographer shows up out of the blue. They gave you lots of advance warning. You make appointments. There’s no surprise element AT ALL to yearbook photos and yet, every one an unmitigated disaster. My clothes are awful. My hair is awful. AND, really, right here is the best part, I am NOT smiling in any of them.

No, wait, I take it back, this is the best part: I am not smiling in any of them *ON PURPOSE.*

You see, I would watch the six o’clock news all the time and here’s what I knew, whenever anything happens to a teen, they show one of three pictures: your first communion shot, your high school yearbook shot or a picture of you holding your youngest sibling. I did not have any siblings, so that left me with the first two.

Now, I assumed that if these photos were ever to be used, it meant something terrible had happened to me, so I wanted the picture to reflect an appropriate level of respect and somber gloom at my bright promise cut down so soon. So no smiles in my first communion picture, none in my high school yearbook photo. I am smiling in my college yearbook photo, but it’s a subtle, no tooth smile and really ust makes me look like I was in pain. Plus, I’m wearing a suit with a stain on it, because it was college and I totally forgot about picture day. So, to be fair, there was an element of surprise in that one.

Also, while scanning through my facebook photos, I’m amazed at how different the personnel (that’s so the wrong word, but I’m in babble free association mode right now and can’t be bothered (again, totally the wrong word) to find the right word.) in my recent pictures are from the personnel in my pictures from, say 15 months ago.

It was kinda depressing. Not about the people I’ve lost, but the thought that I may lose the people I’m hanging out with now. Cause, I guess, the thing I’ve realized is that you never see the bad things coming. No matter how many terrible pictures you make sure you take.


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7 Responses to A 1000 words

  1. pearatty says:

    Well that was depressing. I can’t sleep, and that’s what ya give me?

    Frankly, I can’t even picture a somber picture of you. Post them please.

  2. Dawn Summers says:

    My current facebook profile picture is fairly somber.

  3. KenP says:

    You also have a prerecorded death bed statement ready for release?

    Be prepared!

  4. Tae says:

    This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever read. I thought I was morbid. You win! More for you! Have you considered posting to FB and Twitter whatever you’re wearing before you leave the house so someone has a full description to go with the photo?

  5. Stephane says:

    But…but…this was the upbeat version…you guys are hippies!

    • Nanda says:

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