Free stuff!

Alexandra Robbins is offering a pretty sweet deal:

What you get: A free signed book of mine -any of my books, until my copies run out. How to get it:

1) On or before this Thursday April 28, become a fan of the “Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth page,” on facebook, change your Faceook profile picture to the photo attached to this note (The Geeks cover).

Keep it as your profile picture until Sunday May 8. 2) Purchase a hardcover (not e-book) copy of The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth sometime before Sat. May 7. Prove it to me. (Or just preorder it through me -email me for details.)

I recommend going through the link on, where the price is now $16.79. That’s it!

If you live in the continental US, I’ll mail you a free signed book.

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