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March movie reviews

Why is everything madness all the time? What has happened to us as a people? Let Me In [Blu-ray] (2010) This is a creepy vampire movie. Creepy because it’s about little kids. And it’s supposed to be about first love, … Continue reading

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February movie reviews

The Girl Who Kicked a Hornet’s Nest This movie was crap. For the same reasons I hated the last one. But now that they’ve finished the trilogy, the Americans can remake these properly. They really especially butchered the third book. … Continue reading

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Happy 2011!

New Year, same old insane movie consumption rate: The Girl Who Played with Fire This movie was crap. Which is too bad because I loved the book. I’m glad they are remaking these movies because these Swedish versions are terrible. … Continue reading

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The big baby conspiracy

“Have you ever changed a diaper?” “Nope,” I answered sipping my water. “Me either,” Pi replied with a creeping tone of panic. I guess when you’re pregnant that’s the stuff you start to think about. We were at brunch to … Continue reading

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2010 according to my facebook status updates

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Happy Birthday!

To all the Stephanies!

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December movie reviews

It’s December! Which means it must be the holiday season! I also know this because not only has my TV been bombarding me with those damn hell ass stupid “open heart necklace” commercials, fuck you Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, fuck … Continue reading

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Person up, America

When I was seven, I took my first flight to Panama alone. My mother, god bless her, sent me to my grandparents with two suitcases of clothes, every piece of identification I had in the world and a jar of … Continue reading

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I don’t like to explain myself

I did it! A whole weekend by myself at home without any of the distractions of human contact! Apologies to the blockbuster guy. One of the movies I watched is a movie I actually saw in the theater…back when I … Continue reading

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The Game kicks off Saturday

For the 127th time in history, the best University in the world, Yale, will meet up with the mental midgets in Cambridge for the annual tossing of the pigskin. We’ll drink their milkshake. And by “drink their” I mean “beat … Continue reading

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